A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your computer or mobile device and retrieved from that location upon future visits to the current website. If you use our services, we assume that you approve the use of cookies. It is often information that is used for statistics and analysis and is completely harmless. Since a cookie is a text file and not a program file, the cookie itself cannot do anything on your computer. It may not collect information, spread viruses, or do any other kind of harm. If you use our services, we assume that you accept the use of cookies

Yes, please

If you click “Accept”, “Yes, please”, or similar options, or if you choose to continue to a new page without taking a stand regarding cookies, cookies will be saved on your computer and the message on the first page will disappear. The next time you visit the website using the same browser, you will not be asked whether you want to accept cookies, and cookies will continue to be saved on your computer.

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If you click “Do not accept”, “No, thanks”, or similar options, cookies will not be saved on your computer. However, a cookie is saved that remembers that you do not want cookies to be saved. If you do not want cookies to be saved on your computer at all, you need to change the settings in your browser. However, be aware that some elements of the website may not work properly if you disable cookies.

How do we use cookies?

We use permanent cookies to save your choice of homepage and to save your information if you select “Remember me” when you log in.

We use cookies to save your favorite products.

We use session cookies, for example when you use the product filtering feature to check if you are logged in or if you have added an item to your shopping cart.

We use cookies from both first and third parties in order to collect statistics and user data in aggregate and individual form in analyzes to optimize the website and display relevant marketing material to you.

Some third-party cookies are introduced by services displayed on our websites, which are not under our control. They are posted by companies that provide social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Vimeo, and allow users to share content on the site, as shown by their respective icons.

We also use third-party cookies that perform tracking across multiple domains so that we can provide marketing to you on other websites/other channels.

What types of personal data do we handle?

We only link your cookie ID to the way you use our website. It is not possible to identify a person using this information

Who has access to your personal data?

Data that is passed on to third parties is only used to provide the above services to you, analysis tools for the purpose of collecting statistics to optimize our website and present you with relevant material.

On what legal basis is your personal data processed?

Ozoneair does not process your personal data

For how long do we store your data?

Ozoneair does not store your personal data. You can easily delete cookies from your computer or mobile device via your browser. For instructions on how to handle and delete cookies, go to the “Help” option in your browser. You can choose to disable cookies or receive a notification each time a new cookie is sent to your computer or mobile device. Please note that if you choose to disable cookies, you will not be able to use all features on our website.

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